domingo, fevereiro 03, 2008

O que me reserva a semana

Weekly Horoscope - The Feeling Of Wealth
You are entering a period where you are keen to look more deeply into life, Eduardo. The superficial side of things will not be so appealing. The presence of Pluto and Jupiter in your eighth house indicates that you will be very fascinated by all things Plutonian and Scorpionic. This means birth, sex, life, death, joint resources, psychology, transformation, and all things hidden from view. Jupiter in this zone gives you faith in your ability to invest wisely and to make your money grow and work hard for you. You may be keen to connect with the right people so that they can give you the help you need and deserve. If you want a loan, mortgage, or to raise capital, you are going to find that bank managers and financial advisors are quite favorable to your requests. There is a lot of activity in your travel zone, which may encourage you to take a break or at least to think ahead to vacation time. Don't be tempted to book this week as Mercury is retrograde and things might not go according to plan. It is best to research your options for now. Extra responsibility at home may also mean that you aren't quite as free as you would like to be.

Do sítio do costume. Estão sempre a acertar, fogo!

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