domingo, junho 15, 2008

Vou rir?

Weekly Horoscope
Mercury direct - get going! Life-Changing Experiences
It finally happens on Thursday: you are ready to watch the pieces of your life puzzle fall back into place. Your energy will be focused and on-target, and your thoughts and actions will not be as scattered as they have been. It's a great time for you to consider any decisions you have put off. If you are looking for a residence to move, you can get started on your search mission now. On Friday, you encounter a very powerful, life-changing experience as the Sun in Gemini opposes Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius. This situation will give you pause for reflection, and you will reevaluate the way you think about your life and your lifestyle. You may decide to make some important new changes in your existence. Rest assured any alterations you make are crucial to your ultimate life journey.

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aunidadeimpropria disse...

Tens DE me enviar a hiperligação do teu CyberAstrólogo, a sério. Anda sempre a acertar, a máquina... Pelo sim, pelo não...